You can now enter, you will have to go to the Portsmouth Sailing Club website 

Instructions for entering

Firstly you will need to create a user by going to the following link
Then you enter the worlds by going to following link
With regards to the Tickets within the £400 entry fee this includes the skippers and crew meals for the Curry and Class Meal at Hornet, so additional tickets are only needed for other guests for these two socials, currently we have restricted it to 2 additional tickets per booking for the Curry, Portsmouth Sailing Club only has capacity for 90 in total. With regards to the Paella there was a mistake made when setting this up and we had limited it to two tickets but it has just raised this limit to four tickets per a person, so you should now be able to book an additional two Paella tickets now.
Meal tickets and VHF are added as separate items and can be done at entry or later but this would create a separate invoice.
You can view the invoices by logging onto the website and clicking “Portal” on the top right, there is a section called “My Invoices” the invoices have the payment details on.